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I was a Christmas Brat one year...

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I was a Christmas Brat one year...

Postby wallsal55 » Wed Dec 06, 2017 2:46 am

One December night, I became a child possessed. (Seasonal?) There was no Christmas Tree up yet! After all, we live on a tree farm. I must have been 7 or 8. My eye fixated on the spot where the tree would sit and then out the window where the tree grove was across the road. My heart was heavy, sad, empty. I threw the most, God awful tantrum of my life. :!: My dad was in the living room and it was way after dark, way after supper and a torrential downpour going on outside. "I want a Christmas Tree and I want it NOW!
So, my dad quietly leaves the room, goes to the basement to dress, leaves the house, drives down the lane..... "Oh, my God. I made him go out in a downpour!" [guilt, guilt, guilt]
Soon, he was back with a Christmas tree, but I did witness his rain garb was soaked; he was soaked. "I can't believe he did that".
All I remember is how terrible I acted. :? I also remember how joy filled my heart was to see that tree ! My heart was singing; no longer empty. :D
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Re: I was a Christmas Brat one year...

Postby Alias » Wed Dec 06, 2017 6:07 am

Sal, your dad must have been a saint.

Now, my dad would have spanked some butt, stood me in a corner and dared me to move. (My dad was a kind loving man but he did not allow temper tantrums out of his children, bless his heart).......gfp
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Re: I was a Christmas Brat one year...

Postby mowmud » Wed Dec 06, 2017 6:35 am

I can understand the concerns of a young'un.

We always waited until about this time of year. I was always expected to go as I was the one small enough to scurry underneath the tree and run the saw. We always had to find two. One for Granddad and one for us.
As I was under the tree ready to cut, either Granddad or my Pop would hold tension on the tree in one direction to keep the saw from binding. After it was cut they would pop the tree out of the hole and I'd be down there looking up.

I say looking up. We don't get as much snow as Tac or the folks in the Dakotas, but we get snow. Snowshoes are a thing around here.

Easily some of the best times of my life. I have more to add but I gotta dress up and take the wife to an doctors appointment. I'll be back.
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Re: I was a Christmas Brat one year...

Postby screamer » Wed Dec 06, 2017 7:42 am

When we were young enough to be still hornswaggled by the myth of the fat man, the tree never went up until after bedtime Christmas eve. It was part of the magic, waking the next morning to find a tree all decorated and lit. My parents were probably just staying up and pretending to be asleep when us kids started to stir. Later, it became a tradition to place and decorate the tree, the Sunday evening before Christmas. Everybody was expected to pitch in and help clean house all day Saturday and then help with cookies etc that Sunday afternoon. The tree always came down New Years Day.

When my older kids were little, my ex about ruined Christmas every year by taking the tots Christmas shopping and letting them see what was purchased. She would then wrap them and place them under the tree sometimes two weeks before Christmas. She simply sucked the magic out of the holiday. I did develop a tradition of having, her fancy tree, often set up on thanksgiving and then a second tree in the rec room downstairs, which the kids and I made all the decorations for. No store bought stuff permitted. It was also where only hand made presents could go. The ex pretty much hated the idea, and rarely appreciated what the kids went through to make the gifts they gave her. As I said, she sucked the magic out of Christmas. When i was young, I appreciated getting the one toy I asked for. A little candy and I was good. My older kids became horrible brats as they approached ten years old. She bought them so much stuff to make up for our souring relationship, that they expected a never ending supply. The last time I accompanied her and them to the ex in-laws, the kids opened gifts and after a point, my daughter asked, "is that all?" I was horrified. I had tried so hard to give them a better outlook about Christmas.

Well forward a bunch of years and The new Mrs and I put up the tree about two weeks before Christmas. Gifts never go under the tree until Christmas Eve. There is a mix of hand made ornaments and store bought. Gifts are often not opened until after Christmas dinner is in the oven. we are at the point that we have what we need. We do get gifts for each of the dogs. We exchange small gifts. something not expensive, but which we know the other would not splurge on. It is nice, but I can't wait for grandkids. Seeing the magic in the eyes of a toddler, is part of what makes Christmas Special
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Re: I was a Christmas Brat one year...

Postby nadx » Thu Dec 07, 2017 8:37 am

i acted bad one christmas, didn't get gifts i wanted and acted like a spoiled brat...
that was an awful christmas looking back, looking back the gifts i got were good...
i hate to even think about it, ha

we had so many wonderful dad could create THE most incredible toys to augment store bought action figures

he created : an elaborate bat cave for bat man, TWO incredible wooden pirate ships, and several other things like this

christmas mornings were magical------
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