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Housekeeping Ups and downers...

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Housekeeping Ups and downers...

Postby wallsal55 » Thu Nov 30, 2017 9:41 am

This is a frustrating endeavor. We are keeping better control over our living room. which has helped, seems motivation to both of us. We use it the most. If I make a beeline to the laundry room with one load in mind to start & better. Hubby does so, too. So the motivation is there for both. It's that darn kitchen. :!:
Step foot in it, and intend on doing "one" thing. But can just keep going, going, going. Never ending. He knows how to shine the stainless sinks, but he won't give me the secret ! :!: :?:
He keeps up the silverware & plastic silverware after chemo for me, mugs.
Starting to clear pantry stuff out now that we have a grocery store. Pantry spilled out into the dining room table. You thought we had been to Sam's Club. My daughter said she hadn't shopped out of town for 2 weeks for food ! So the proximity of a new store may help get our house back. :D
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