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Tonight I thought I had lost Jackie.

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Tonight I thought I had lost Jackie.

Postby Lightening Bug » Tue Feb 06, 2018 11:40 pm

Went to take Jackie out for a quick walk. Well apparently she thought she saw something to chase. When she took off she had her leash on so I was worried. Would she get caught up on something where I couldn't find her. 20* outside, not good. Called and called, no response.

And so I threw on a heavy coat and went out and called for her. Nothing, she wasn't barking like she was caught or hurt. Sooo finally I thought she went around to the front of the house. Put my coat on again. And went to the front of the house. And who did I see coming home, warm and happy, yup it was Jackie.

Well I'm sure you know, in 20* temperatures, I felt such relief to find she was okay. Would you tell me how a short haired dog is warm in that coldness, but she was fine.

Needless to say I was delighted she was back home and okay. But I also wanted to let her know how much I had been worried about her. I hugged and held her while reprimanding her. I'm not sure the message came across.

I guess what is important is our dear dog is not outside in 20* weather. I don't think she would have survived, and we would have been crushed to loose our sweet dog.

I'm finally calming down. But it has taken awhile.

Have you had an impetuous dog too?

Take care. :D
Lightening Bug
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Re: Tonight I thought I had lost Jackie.

Postby mowmud » Wed Feb 07, 2018 12:25 am

Some dogs are not fortunate enough to have caring owners. They get left outside 24/7.

Scents travel a long ways on cold crispy air. They get caught up in the moment and forget their training. I'm glad you found your 4 footed friend. Hopefully she didn't come home smelling like a polecat. Glad things worked out for you. That time of uncertainty is tough to deal with. Give her a big hug for me too.
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Re: Tonight I thought I had lost Jackie.

Postby Coffee » Wed Feb 07, 2018 8:17 am

Sometimes, it seems, all you can do for dogs is pray. I'm glad your dog came home :D Coffee.
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Re: Tonight I thought I had lost Jackie.

Postby Clyde Fern » Wed Feb 07, 2018 9:27 am

Always feed the chickens before walking the pups, this morning they must have heard or smelled something down in the woods and took off, they were gone for quite a while but they came back. We see deer in the woods every once in a while, and they chase them, that worries me, but so far so good.
Clyde Fern
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Re: Tonight I thought I had lost Jackie.

Postby smugpug » Wed Feb 07, 2018 4:04 pm

My little boy, my puggle, I love him out when he was young years back to go to the bathroom and it was a cold time of the winter and he never came back. I drove all around looking for him as I live out in the country, walked all around my property looking for him, and couldn't find them. A day or so later I heard a barking in my milkhouse and there was my little boy Bo. There was no tracks in the snow and to this day I have no idea how he got in there and why he was in there, but I was extremely happy when he came back. I have often wondered if God did not move in this situation and put him in there, as I have no idea how he could have gotten in there and there was no tracks in the snow anywhere to show that someone might have brought him over.
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