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Messing Up When I Think I'm Not...

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Messing Up When I Think I'm Not...

Postby wallsal55 » Thu Feb 08, 2018 4:06 am

I really do not know what the answer is but... I believe I just need to "unplug". Now, having the landline knocked off the hook at least twice, cell phone malfunctioning, very poor internet connections, too many calls on cell that I don't answer because their unrecognizable---
I missed important messages, calls from my drs, nurse in Iowa City. Made a trip to Iowa for just about nothing except my lab work did get done. The other 2 procedures are delayed by one week. :oops:
(I read too, that if you call the "opt-out" 800 numbers it just proves that you have a legitimate phone number attached to your name & address. That info is shared, so on goes the insanity. Junk mail--I received 2 Publisher's Clearinghouse ! I try to recycle to my best, but lately a bonfire seems more sane, Oh no, I will pollute the air !) :oops:
Anyway that's a recap of my week so far.
I didn't cause it all, I can't cure it all. :roll:
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Re: Messing Up When I Think I'm Not...

Postby Lightening Bug » Thu Feb 08, 2018 8:01 am

Reading your posts I've recently thought that since you have changed your diabetes med's, you have been more upbeat this last year. Having illnesses can make it more difficult to handle day to day needs. Your Anniversary celebration post was fun to read. You seemed to really enjoy the day.

Prevention magazine had a few articles about how to change how you think about stress. Rethink challenges to identify them and work to overcome them. Evidently doing this changes how you mentally handle them. Supposed to help prevent procrastination. So I will try to use their recommendations when it's bill paying time. :D

Take care and be well. :D
Lightening Bug
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Re: Messing Up When I Think I'm Not...

Postby Alias » Thu Feb 08, 2018 11:02 am

Disconnecting is not an entirely bad idea. I have cell phone that I take along whenever I go out, only at the insistence of my darling better half. She worries that an emergency situation will occur and I'll need it. Actually, she worries far more than I because, I am the original "Alfred E. Newman, What Me Worry Kid"! Now, I suppose it's good to have someone worry for your safety and well being but, there's such a thing as carrying it to the extreme.

We have a built in digital answering machine on our land line. In addition, we have caller ID, which, comes in handy to let us know, in advance, who is on the other end of an incoming call. So, if we don't recognize the caller we let it ring 5 times and the answering machine kicks into gear and belts out the following message:

........"You have reached the voice mailbox for the the Putnam family.
........ We screen all calls. So, if it suits you, please leave a message.
........ And, if it suits us we will call you back. Thank you.

You'd be surprised at the number of solicitors that never hear from us.

Nancy tried that "Opt-out" thing but is was a waste of her time. For, the calls just kept on coming. My sister has a feature on her phone that asks the caller to press 8 to confirm that the incoming call is not a recorded message. Seems to work well for her.

Sal, Maybe tomorrow will be better for you. Just keep telling your self, "Each day brings us closer to spring"...........gfp
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