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Pain killers

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Pain killers

Postby plowboy » Mon Feb 12, 2018 4:37 am

Have any of you been on oxycocet and if so what were the results?
Were you pleased, did it do what you had expected or not? What
about the side effects? Wondering
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Re: Pain killers

Postby Alias » Mon Feb 12, 2018 7:56 am

Try to avoid any opiuoid medications for as long as humanly possible.

You always run the risk of addiction but, even if you don't, they could mess up some of your normal bodily functions. Such as your liver, kidneys and bowels. Not to mention putting an added strain on your heart.

Just remember, pain is generated through one's brain. And, all pain killers work in the brain to deny the pain. And, I've found that a good frame of mind work wonders to reduce pain. I've had lower back pain for years and whenever it gets bad I simply lie down on my back and think about other things until the pain gets bearable. I know it takes a lot of effort and concentration but, it works for me..............gfp
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Re: Pain killers

Postby Bkeepr » Mon Feb 12, 2018 8:27 am

Alias wrote:Try to avoid any opiuoid medications for as long as humanly possible...

Absolutely agree. I've been prescribed it several times, but have always (so far) turned it down. I'd rather be in pain than take any chances with addiction or other internal issues.

I know that's not the information you asked for, but there are millions of good people today who are addicted because they started using prescription opioids "just this once."
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Re: Pain killers

Postby wallsal55 » Mon Feb 12, 2018 8:35 am

I had oxycodone after abdominal surgery in October. 30 day supply. No refills without doctors permission as they cared enough to make sure no addiction took place. I needed them for 2-3 months. But at 3 months, yeah, I got used to them as a helper. So, I felt comfortable enough to tolerate what little pain(s) were left. Weaned off of them by myself. If you cannot wean yourself off, that would be a warning sign to bring attention to your doctor, loved ones. Do not hide in shame.
Methacodone I have witnessed addicting to others. Opiods affects the hypothalamous part of the brain---the fight or flight part. Opioids are "feel good" chemicals to that part of the brain.
They can excite that part, too. My husband's mother's side of the family---there's something in their DNA where at least 2 of them have been addicted to Methacodone. And a third, my BIL, had a problem weaning himself off of Methacodone. (Meanness was #1 symptom or finding someone else's pills) Alcoholism addiction also runs in that branch-- so I feel they are exceptionally vulnerable to begin with.
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Re: Pain killers

Postby chamat » Mon Feb 12, 2018 9:26 am

Yeah, what they all said. A lot of people get addicted to it...same as other drugs. But, a lot of people don't get addicted to it, and it helps them a lot. I've taken oxycodone before for 2 years at a time and didn't get addicted. Now, I take Tramadol once in a while. It's a synthetic opioid, but it works just the same. I haven't taken any since before Christmas. It probably will impact your bowels...plug you up bad. I don't like that part, but all pain killers do me that way. The doctors don't tell you about that. I talked to a pharmacist, and she told me to get Docasate 100mg and Senna 8.6mg. It's a stool softener. No prescription needed, and it's cheap, and it works. Good luck with whatever you decide.
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Re: Pain killers

Postby Lightening Bug » Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:04 am

Before my operation I took Zanax, it worked. But I only took it before the operation. Don't know about long term use. And took nothing after the operation.

You might look at WebMD article below. Check out possible side effects.

Take care I hope the MD's can provide help.

Take care. :D
Lightening Bug
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Re: Pain killers

Postby GazaGuru » Mon Feb 12, 2018 10:24 am

My Sister-In-Law has been taking strong pain medication for years and has become totally addicted. As she has to have an operation next week she has been ordered off all medications. The immense pain she has been suffering the last few days is so bad the doctors have now put her in hospital and are keeping her in a semi-comatosed state. This seems so wrong to me, but what do I know.

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Re: Pain killers

Postby screamer » Mon Feb 12, 2018 11:18 am

Pain meds fast become a crutch, even short term. Had dental surgery a year ago and the dentist gave me a single tylenol with codeine for the pain when the anesthesia wore off. I did not take it like she suggested, and about 4 hours later I was thinking I should have. I resorted to my grandad's remedy and the pain went away and I slept like a baby. around bed time, a pint of hot limeade, hot as you can stand it, three tablespoons honey and three shots of whiskey. Chug it down as fast as possible 15 minutes later you don't feel anything. For a person who seldom drinks anything, the remedy works great.

Lately I been getting cramps in my legs at night. Really painful cramps, the kind that cause muscle pain for a few days. So I went to the doctor and he tells me to drink about 12 oz of tonic water every night. Stuff tastes like crap, but it sure helped the cramps. (He never said not to put Gin in it, but that would make it taste even worse.)

Decades ago, I was treated by a surgeon who was trained in Scotland. I had just had surgery for Crohn's disease and my ex wife asked the surgeon about pain meds. He looked at me laying on the bad and asked if I am in any pain. Not right now, hurts to get up and walk. He said that was good. No pain meds. When I start to get too much pain, just lie down again. If I go beyond it hurting, I will likely injure myself. He said pain is there to put limits on us while we recuperate. When I got home, I could barely walk the 50 ft into the house. It was all I could do to walk up the steps after a few minutes rest. Each day, I did a little more until the pain got to be a little more than I could tolerate and each day, I progressed a little more. The doctor and I did have a short conversation about the difference between medicine in Scotland and here. He said American doctors depend too much on meds to control their patients. Drs and nurses give pain meds in the hsopital to shut people up and make them sleep. Not so in the UK.
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Re: Pain killers

Postby GeneSC » Mon Feb 12, 2018 12:06 pm

After my motorcycle accident, and the resulting MRSA infection I was on Oxycodone for a year and a half (off & on) couldn't have survived the pain otherwise. I had NO problems quitting after my last surgery. but it may have damaged other organs, having some tests now for decreased liver functions.
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