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How foods affect men and women differently?

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How foods affect men and women differently?

Postby Lightening Bug » Fri Apr 06, 2018 12:18 pm

Off and on recently I've been looking for articles about the different effects of food on women. Found an article about research on the microbiome of men and women.

From the article -

The researchers studied the gut microbes in two species of fish and in mice, and also conducted an in-depth analysis of data that other researchers collected on humans. They found that in fish and humans diet affected the microbiota of males and females differently. In some cases, different species of microbes would dominate, while in others, the diversity of bacteria would be higher in one sex than the other.

These results suggest that any therapies designed to improve human health through diet should take into account whether the patient is male or female.

For those of you who are interested or curious here's the article.

So you are what you eat and what eats what you eat! From what I read it seems researchers are still in the process of determining what recommendations can be made. They're just scratching the surface so far.

Take care. :D
Lightening Bug
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