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Wild wkend plans, started, ended, plan B or C?

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Wild wkend plans, started, ended, plan B or C?

Postby wallsal55 » Sat Apr 28, 2018 11:05 am

Well, we had the grandkids yesterday. Was to turn into a weekend with a family staying in the shed lodge. Four hours into it, grandson has the flu. Send them back home with the other Grandpa. (folks at work). Canceled plan. Now, tomorrow is hubby's birthday....see if we can regroup to do something.
Yes, it appears the flu is still circling IL. I asked 2 nurses & a doc if flu was still a problem. No answer from 3 people. grrr! Either this flu season has them just as baffled. Or in my skewed attitude, it is a big moneymaker this year for them. Shots, office visits, tests....

Anyway, I spent the most of yesterday with washrags , towels and the washer/dryer.
We had a very windy, chilly morning--get the jackets back out. Now the wind is dying down . Hope to get back outdoors again. Hope your weekend weather allows you to be out & about, too!
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