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Nano technology and food processing and packaging

PostPosted: Tue Oct 30, 2018 12:31 pm
by Lightening Bug
I just finished the book "Best before, The evolution and future of processed food by Nicola Temple. An interesting book that covers the history over time of major foods. I was surprised to find she included a chapter on Nano technology and it's application to food processing and packaging.

I'm concerned about whether there is sufficient oversight of what companies are doing in both packaging and in our foods. What do yoo think? Any books or articles you'd recommend?

Will our food be safe? And will people accept these new foods?

Nanotechnology is an emerging technology that creates and uses materials and particles at the scale of a nanometre, one billionth of a metre. To get an understanding of just how small this is, if you imagine a nanoparticle was the size of a football then an animal like a sheep would be as big as our planet.

Working with such small particles allows us to create materials and products with improved properties, from lighter bicycles and more durable beer bottles to cosmetic creams with better absorption and toothpastes that stop bacteria from growing. Being able to change a material's properties means nanotechnology can help create many innovative food products and applications that change the way we process, preserve and package foods.

For example, nanotechnology can be used for "smart" packaging that can monitor the condition of foods while they are stored and transported.

Thought some of you might find this interesting.

Take care. :D