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Another topic from State of Fear

PostPosted: Thu Mar 21, 2019 8:16 am
by Lightening Bug
The main subject of Crichton's book State of fear is about Eco Terrorism. I have known about environmentalists that take action that is or can be harmful to other people but I'd never heard or read the word Eco terrorism. According to the article below, which is not dated, Eco terrorism costs 100 million dollars a year in the US alone.

From the article -

The most well-known group linked to eco-terror in the U.S., the Earth Liberation Front, or ELF, was formed when some members of the group Earth First! became frustrated with what they saw as an insufficient pace of change and began a group that would engage in more violent, direct action. Like the members of ELF, eco-terrorists are radical environmentalists who believe traditional ways of bringing about change are not adequate. They view politicians as ineffective and believe that if something is to be done, they must do it themselves.

Members of the eco-terror movement liken their predicament to fighting in a war. They suggest that animals and the environment are being attacked by humans and need to be defended. In an interview with National Geographic magazine, Leslie James Pickering, an ELF spokesman, claimed that members are simply defending the Earth and the elements that humans need to survive: "I'm representing a group that is fighting in self-defense, for preservation of our species [and] all species of life on Earth"

The article describes how a group of mansions in Seattle were burned down. The reason was because they could/would pollute a nearby stream and harm the Salmon living there.

There are many environmentalists who do not go to extremes. What do you think of the ones who do?

Take care. :D