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I've thought What are we doing for our soldiers now??

PostPosted: Mon Oct 28, 2019 7:02 pm
by Lightening Bug
Well I was fortunate my Father came home from WW11.

So I watch. What is happening to those we send to hurt and harm and what do we do for them when they come home.

For my Father he had the GI bill. At first he wanted to be home and retire, but then my Mother was pregnant, oops. But then he went to classes were he learned to repair Radios and the new tv's. I would watch him while he learned what to do.

Never forgot it, it helped me when I worked with computers.

So WW11 became part of my life. Because I learned from my Father that you don't quit. And I have done so many things he would have enjoyed. I thought of him often when I sold jewelry. Because he used to make it.

So I would remember the jewelry he would make and tell the people who bought it why it was there.

Good night KLer's I'm glad you're coming back. :D It's not so quiet now, thank you for being here. :D

Please take care and be well. :D