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Legalizing Cannabis

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Legalizing Cannabis

Postby Lightening Bug » Mon Aug 10, 2020 8:03 am

There are some people and organizations that want cannabis to be legalized. Some want legalization for medical purposes, others for general use.

What do you think?

From the article - side effects.

Hallucinogenic effects. Marijuana may cause mild hallucinations, poor motor skills, or altered perceptions of reality. For these reasons, certain activities may be unsafe after using marijuana, such as operating heavy machinery. Do not drive after using marijuana. Not only is it unsafe, but it is illegal in every state to drive after using marijuana – even in states in which marijuana use is legal.
Depressant-like effects. Marijuana may cause depressant effects, similar to those seen with alcohol use. You may feel calm and relaxed but also have issues with coordination and concentration. Some people may also feel depressive symptoms as a side effect.
Stimulating effects. Marijuana may boost mood, but it may also cause hyperactivity, rapid breathing, and increases in both blood pressure and heart rate. These effects aren’t as common in marijuana compared to depressant effects.
Other side effects. These may include bloodshot eyes, dry mouth, and increased appetite.

When legalized people using it are not supposed to drive. Seems to me that would limit its use severely.

Thought some of you would find this of interest.

Take care and be well. :D
Lightening Bug
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Re: Legalizing Cannabis

Postby Red Dave » Mon Aug 10, 2020 10:18 am

Whether it's legal or not, there are a lot of people using it. Back when I was working we tried to hire some full time temporary laborers to supplement our own forces. Company policy was all personnel on the job site had to pass a drug test. Went through quite a few to get 4 or 5 that could pass the drug test.

I have long felt that it should be legal for medicinal purposes under a physician's supervision, just like any other prescription medicine. Unfortunately some people learn how to work the system and find friendly doctors to prescribe it for them. Even with that, I think there is some good that can be done with it's use. Some on chemotherapy look at it as a Godsend.

One hitch in the use of it is passing DOT mandated drug and alcohol testing for safety sensitive jobs, such as truck drivers and pilots, among others. If you have one of those jobs and fail one test, you can loose your job, or at least face disciplinary action and a lot of follow up testing.

I do not agree with making it legal for recreational use, although being illegal hasn't seemed to be much of a deterrent so far.
Red Dave
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Re: Legalizing Cannabis

Postby smugpug » Mon Aug 10, 2020 3:03 pm

It's legal in Michigan. I don't think it should be legal, and I have extremely serious doubts about 99% of those who claim to need it for "medical" reasons. I feel that 99% of those people would not have a medical reason for marijuana at the doctor could give them derivative of a compound in the marijuana that would ease their pain without getting high. I think it's an absolute joke.
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Re: Legalizing Cannabis

Postby Pitch1 » Tue Aug 11, 2020 5:07 am

No one can give any good reason for it not to be legal. I think eight states have legalized it so far. No skies falling, no thousands of kids jumping from buildings, no rapes occurring on every corner, no wanton death and destruction on the highways and byways.Nope nothing but thousands of taxpaying American citizens enjoying a natural herb. Nothing but thousands of taxpaying citizens that are not criminals and will not become criminals.using a legal product.
Nothing but state coffers being filled with tax dollars.

I am a life long marijuana user. 53 or so years so far. I am not a criminal in any other aspect of my life. I mean I may speed, occasionally turn a corner with out signaling,but other than that?
I raised three successful productive children
I have never used any social aide, except for some unemployment back in the late 70's
I have been gainfully employed 99.9% of my life
Never been arrested
Bought and sold three homes
Retired debt free at 57 years of age

I am not at all unique. I count several among my friends and aquaintances who mirror my experience.

The only reason not to legalize is born of ignorance, racism,or some personal prejudice which is yours and not to be thrust on the population as a whole.
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Re: Legalizing Cannabis

Postby kyle18 » Tue Aug 11, 2020 10:57 am

i am totally against it - PITCH your one of the few to keep it under control - WASHINGTON STATE is a mess and making it legal only made things worse - if you want it your gonna get it - simple ! - 80% of my unit in NAM was on the stuff - thank GOD i never was interested - i would rather have friends that don`t than do
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Re: Legalizing Cannabis

Postby mowmud » Wed Aug 12, 2020 8:37 pm

I have older friends that get high regularly. I smoke maybe 24 times a year. I don't buy or sell. It is like sipping whiskey, you just don't do it everyday.

My older friends are very smart about what it takes to survive in every day life. I learn from them.
You gotta have a broader aspect to life. Listen to what a old coot has to say.

Somebody brought up Vietnam. I thought they were all juiced up on that Opium over there.

Opium dens... ever hear of those? Never catch me in one. Nope. I'll take my way over city life any day, any year.

I don't do any hard drugs... and never will.
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