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PostPosted: Thu Oct 01, 2020 11:16 pm
by mowmud
The POTUS ,first lady and family has been diagnosed with the corona. Entourage too. They are closing the doors on the Whitehouse.

Crazy... messed up... or crazy convenient? I figure just about a week before the election, they'll come up with a 'miracle' cure. :roll:
Hollywood used to portray what they seen being done. Now it seems our capitol is trying to portray Hollywood.

If I had to make a choice... I'd choose Pidgeon Forge, Tennessee. Dollywood. I just wouldn't go there now. Keep myself cloistered up and avoid the plague of the masses.

Just as scary, crazy to me as the wildfires still scorching California. Hope Tac and Willie-N are okay. They are both in that northern Cali region. Terrible.