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Now the virus has gone too far.

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Now the virus has gone too far.

Postby screamer » Fri Oct 16, 2020 4:10 pm

In Switzerland, a traditional yodel concert has apparently led to a massive increase in new corona infections.

According to the authorities, around 600 people took part in the event at the end of September in the rural canton of Schwyz. They were called to keep their distance; however, wearing a protective mask was not required. The canton is now one of the hotspots in Europe with more than 1230 coronavirus cases.

"We found out nine days after the performance that several people in the group were infected," said organizer Beat Hegner to the public broadcaster RTS. On Wednesday alone, 94 people tested positive, twice as many as the day before. "The explosion in the number of cases in Schwyz is one of the worst in all of Europe," said chief physician Reto Nueesch.

Cantonal hospital is overloaded
The overburdened canton hospital already asked people to wear mouth and nose protection and avoid gatherings. "There is an extremely high rate of positive tests," said hospital director Franziska Foellmi. Most recently, the canton authorities had stepped up measures to combat the spread of the virus, but there is still no mask requirement in shops.

Yodelling is one of the traditions in the Swiss Alpine region. Since the 19th century, yodelling, together with archery, has been one of the building blocks of the common identity between the culturally different regions of Switzerland. The ancient style of singing is also practiced in the Austrian Tyrol and in mountain regions of Germany.
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Re: Now the virus has gone too far.

Postby mowmud » Sat Oct 17, 2020 5:01 pm

I can yodel, but it probably sounds better to me than anybody else. I would like to acquire one of those alpine horns. Would give me some other things to do when I'm all cloistered up.
This virus is no joke. It is a plague. We are living through it. History will remember our travails.

I hope all of you are in good health and are satisfied by being lonely. Its good for ya. Get to know yourself a bit better. We have computers now... what did they have in the last worldwide plagues?

Nothing. Humans are social animals. We feel a need to be around others.

This is why I cherish this site. Like minded people gather, without the need of a mask.
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