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More fat

PostPosted: Fri Nov 20, 2020 7:21 am
by Coffee
Bkeepr's buttermilk pie is new to me. It sounds good. Mowmud's orange salad and Watergate salad sound good, and could be healthy, I think. I've heard of Watergate salad. I was thinking about desserts that might be pushing the envelope in the wrong direction, like deep fried cheese curds. I tried those once at a home Badgers football game and lived to tell about it. Yes, they are good. Maybe everyone is familiar with French fries with melted cheese on them. The Wisconsin State Fair has pretty famous cream puffs. I've never been to the State Fair-it's at West Allis, near Milwaukee. Tv crews cover the cream puffs like it is Ground Hog Day or the Sun Prairie Corn Festival. Last but not least one I can think of is deep fried Snickers bars. Never tried one and probably never will. Oh, fried pie (thanks, Bamabear) is a new one. It never occurred to me to fry a pie 8-) Funny thing, last night I was looking at a video about "Vitamin C Cures Everything." Dr. Thomas E. Levy. Coffee.

Re: More fat

PostPosted: Sat Nov 21, 2020 9:51 am
by Bkeepr

I'm serious about how good the buttermilk pie is. I'd never had it until recently, but it instantly hit my "favorite of all time" pie list.

If you're serious about it, I'm going to upload the recipe my wife uses...


OK, apparently the site won't let us add a pdf file. If you're interested you can email me at

Bkeepr at aol dot com Please make sure you spell Bkeepr as I do because there are a couple of us on aol, and at least one doesn't forward mis-addressed email to the others.

If you or anybody else does email for the recipe, put something in the subject line so I know it is from KL and mention buttermilk pie...that way if it winds up in my spam folder I will recognize it and not delete by accident.

Re: More fat

PostPosted: Sat Nov 21, 2020 12:22 pm
by Coffee
Thank you, Bkeepr, I am pretty serious all the time. I've just looked at some videos to see how these pies are made, so I could sort of "do it myself." It seems like buttermilk pie is a favorite of people in the South (maybe). One pastry chef called it her favorite sugar pie and another chef called it "killer" buttermilk pie. For anyone interested, the basic recipe seems to be, pre-bake a flour dough for 15 min. at 350 degrees, cool completely. Add something like a lot of sugar to a stick of butter (room temperature). Add some flour and salt. Mix by hand. Add 3 large eggs. Whisk. Add a bit of vanilla extract and nutmeg. Mix those in. One can add zest of one lemon and juice of one lemon. Then add one cup of buttermilk. Mix and pour into cool crust. Bake at 350 for 45 to 55 minutes. Let cool. Some like it served chilled and some like it warm. Some powdered sugar and maybe a few raspberries can go on top of a slice. That's a rough idea. I think I've heard of "sugar pie." Thank you again, Bkeepr. Good day to you and "KL" folks :)

Re: More fat

PostPosted: Wed Nov 25, 2020 7:39 pm
by Bamabear
LOLOL more fat in the pie or on us if we eat it.