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Posting Guidelines

The place to talk with others about topics related to country life and rural living. Ask a question, help with an answer or just share some of your ideas and experiences.

Posting Guidelines

Postby Kim » Sat Feb 16, 2013 2:27 pm

Be Respectful - No attacking other posters. Good natured ribbing is fine. Being sarcastic, hateful or rude is not.

No Politics - What's political and what's just random discussion? Global warming, Iraq, the idiocy of ** NO POLITICS PLEASE ** or ** NO POLITICS PLEASE **, etc are all political. These types of discussions seem to bring out the worst behavior in people who are otherwise good-natured, friendly folks.

No Crude Language - This is a family-friendly place. While some language is ok, try and keep it to something you wouldn't be embarrassed or admonished to say in front of your family or someone else's.

No Religious Attacks - If you want to post something with a mild religious bent, think about it first. If it's proselytzing (that means preaching, basically) at someone else, don't do it. If it's bashing someone else's religion, beliefs, unbeliefs, or whatever don't do it. If it's a normal conversation along the lines of "Going to church today..." or something, that's fine but if it's "Boy those Catholics sure are stupid" be prepared for moderation.

No Racism - This means against anyone.

If anything described above is posted in the forums expect it to be deleted without warning at the discretion of the site moderators. We don't pre-screen posts, so if you see something posted it doesn't mean we permitted it. It probably means we're out in the garden, or feeding livestock, or enjoying dinner with our families. Report a post if you see it first so we can get to it right away.

Crossing the line or breaking the rules may result in a member being placed in the Moderated Group. In this group, you are still a member of the forum but your posts must be approved before others can read them. You can rejoin the regular un-moderated group whenever you're ready. :)

Discussions about moderation activity or removed posts are generally not permitted. However, feel free to contact the Admin directly if you have comments or questions.
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