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Responding to Telemarketer

PostPosted: Wed Feb 04, 2015 8:45 pm
by grannygrump

My youngest daughter has a crazy friend who keeps us laughing. She posted one of her happenings, & I shall share it. I'm going to use an alias for her, to protect the ditzy. The ditzy friend I will call "Sal":

Sal: Hello.
Telemarketer: May I speak to Mary Sibley?
Sal: You sure can.
(she waits a bit)
Telemarketer: Will you get her please?
Sal: I can't...
Telemarketer: Why??
Sal: I don't know her
Telemarketer: I asked you if I could speak to Mary Sibley and you said 'yes'....
Sal; Well you still can
Telemarketer: Well then could you get her please?
Sal: I can't
Telemarketer: I asked if I can speak to her and you said 'yes'.Would you please go get her?
Sal: I can't
Telemarketer: Why do you keep saying you can't get her?
Sal: Because I don't know her
Telemarketer: Why did you say I could speak to her then?.
Sal: Because you asked if you could speak to her and that's ok with me. You didn't ask if I knew her.
That's when the telemarketer slammed up the phone...
And Sal adds, "Telemarketers are going to learn to quit calling me". :lol: :lol: :lol:

note: (this is how I'LL answer next time one calls)gg