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Responding to Telemarketer

You can test a posting here before you place it in the main forums. Useful for practicing picture uploads, fonts, html, or just learning how to post if you are new.

Responding to Telemarketer

Postby grannygrump » Wed Feb 04, 2015 8:45 pm

My youngest daughter has a crazy friend who keeps us laughing. She posted one of her happenings, & I shall share it. I'm going to use an alias for her, to protect the ditzy. The ditzy friend I will call "Sal":

Sal: Hello.
Telemarketer: May I speak to Mary Sibley?
Sal: You sure can.
(she waits a bit)
Telemarketer: Will you get her please?
Sal: I can't...
Telemarketer: Why??
Sal: I don't know her
Telemarketer: I asked you if I could speak to Mary Sibley and you said 'yes'....
Sal; Well you still can
Telemarketer: Well then could you get her please?
Sal: I can't
Telemarketer: I asked if I can speak to her and you said 'yes'.Would you please go get her?
Sal: I can't
Telemarketer: Why do you keep saying you can't get her?
Sal: Because I don't know her
Telemarketer: Why did you say I could speak to her then?.
Sal: Because you asked if you could speak to her and that's ok with me. You didn't ask if I knew her.
That's when the telemarketer slammed up the phone...
And Sal adds, "Telemarketers are going to learn to quit calling me". :lol: :lol: :lol:

note: (this is how I'LL answer next time one calls)gg
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