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May you have had a good Christmas.

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May you have had a good Christmas.

Postby Lightening Bug » Tue Dec 25, 2018 9:09 pm

May you have had a good Christmas.

This evening Stony Jimmie' son and Daughter-in-law came down and we exchanged presents. But the best was we spent time together talking about how we are. I loved listening to them and Stony Jim.

I love how expressive his Daughter in law is. She is a lovely woman. Creating a business and going through the throes that entails.

I hope they felt how much Stony Jim cares about them, me too.

It was a Christmas conversation where we shared so much. I suspect good things will come from it. The presents were good but the best was spending time with each other.

May the New Year be good for you. I think it will be for us.

Be hearty and hale, find a way to be well. :D
Lightening Bug
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